How does SmoothTeam work

What does the simulation in practice mean for the team?

  • You book two hours of common time either face-to-face or over video conferencing system. Each team member should have their own laptop, tablet, or smartphone with a large screen. We provide the facilitator who takes care of the game from that moment onwards. During the simulation your team plays through a gamified story. YOu will learn about your colleagues, they will learn about you, and at the same time you will hear how the others see you and your strengths. In the end you get reports on your team to support any further team development.
  • And many say that playing the game is good fun!

What happens after the simulation?

  • You will always get personal and team reports in an electronic form. A little bit more than half of our customers also wish that we provide a separate feedback session that concentrates on developing your team and your working environment. The simulation acts as the basis for the feedback session, as it provides the ground for designing the specific development steps for your team. 

Can I facilitate the game myself and only get the tool from you?

  • If you have one team, either we or our partners provide the faacilitator. High-quality facilitation requires training for the method, and for one or two teams it is easier that a person who already knows the process facilitates the simulation.
  • If you are an HR developer or facilitator in your organisation and you are interested in carrying out multiple games in your organisation, we will provide you with training for facilitating the sessions and give you access to the game platform. Contact us for more information. 
  • If you are a professional facilitator, organisation developer or consultant, we will provide you with training for using the tool and give you access to the game platform. Contact us for more information.

We have a trusted consultant who has been working long term with out team. Can they do the simulation?

  • See above. We are happy to provide the simulation access and the related training to the consultant. 

What kind of teams is the simulation for?

  • The tool best fits teams of 4-16 persons, and if necessary, teams of 3-20 persons. For larger teams we recommend undertaking more than one simulation. 
  • The tool is suitable for both remote and local teams. The game is not dependent on the content of the work, we have worked with teams from varying backgrounds – for instance with veterinarians, IT-developers and voluntary organisations. 
  • Our simulation builds common understanding of the team. The basis of the simulation is that the team members know something about each other. The simulation therefore is not suitable in the first days of a new team, but already after a few weeks working together, the team would benefit from the simulation. The simulation is not suitable for team undergoing a crisis of some sort or team with high tensions between team members. In these situations we recommend guided group developmenIf needed, we are happy to provide you with recommendations on who to contact. 

What does it cost?

  • Contact us and we are happy to provide you with a more exact offer. The rough price of the simulation is 60 euro per participant + facilitator’s work. Our price always includes the simulation and the personal and team reports. 
  • We have a full satisfaction guarantee: if you are not satisfied with the simulation, you don’t need to pay anything.