Why is team development important?

Much of today’s work is done in different kinds of teams or groups. But can a team be larger than the sum of its members? Team members’ full potential can be better utilised when the understanding of different team members’ abilities and characteristics is increased. At the same time the whole team’s operational functionality increases.

The principles behind the tool

Feedback is a crucial element of human development. Through feedback one can create a realistic view of his/her skills and personal characteristics. In a workplace a realistic self view makes it possible for a team member to take a role where he/she can be of the greatest benefit to the team.

Talking about team members’ desires, strengths and personal qualities changes the way how the colleagues attach meaning to others’ behaviour. Through a more accurate attribution it is possible to avoid misunderstandings and tensions while improving team cohesion and readiness to co-operate.

How does SmoothTeam work?

SmoothTeam is a game-based team development exercise that is designed to improve team performance through better understanding of the team profile. The game scenarios are based on different theories, including personality differences (Jung), team roles (Belbin), motivational theories (McClelland), change theory (Lewin) and psycho-social stress factors (Finnish Institute for Occupational Health).

In SmoothTeam exercise the self assessment of the team members gets compared to the image and assessment done by the other team members in an imaginary game-like situation. As an outcome of the exercise, the team members and the team leader will learn how the other team members view themselves and each other. Through in-depth discussions during the exercise the team is able to find its strengths and areas for further development.

As a default, we provide a fully facilitated exercise with one of our experienced on-line facilitators.

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