Get Ready for a Change – Scenario: Movin’ Out

This is a story of how team members react to a sudden situation. Your landlord informs you that you should move to new premises pretty soon, although you are in the middle of the busiest time of the year. Doing this, you face unexpected situations from motivating others to demanding social situations. The exercise consists of ten case situations related to moving. Your task is to choose, who in your team would be best at meeting the challenge in each case. After each case, there will be a discussion where the choices are explained and others’ views are heard. This will help in learning what are your colleagues’ natural ways to act in a case of change.

Change is an opportunity

The game helps the team to function in concrete change situations. The scenario creates social coherence and belief in the team’s ability to cope with sudden situations.

The scenario handles actions in a change situation. The themes include different types of readiness, such as execution, communication, creative solutions, and flexibility. As the story unfolds, concrete case situations allow facilitated discussion of the team members’ readiness and strengths to face different situations.

For whom

Teams of 4-16 persons working together. The scenario is most suited for teams that work in an office-like environment. Also suits temporary teams, project teams and remote teams.


  • Create common understanding of how the team functions most efficiently in a change situation
  • Bring out personal practices and preferences in different kinds of unexpected situations
  • Make visible the current practices and roles in the team
  • Improve team’s ability to cope with change by creating mutual and shared understanding


10 cases to solve, duration about 2-2.5 hours, additionally a separate feedback session (ca. 2 hours) if desired.