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SmoothTeam story

It was 2001. I was sitting in the management board of Finland’s virtual university. I noticed I was always on my toes with one woman, the new communications manager. Regardless of the topic at hand, something just didn’t click. And I think we both felt the same.

One day at coffee table we found out by chance that her son was a friend of mine during the military service. We had lived in the same room for months. Something magical happened at that day. After that we were humans to each other and everything started to work without any friction.

I think it’s total B$, that we should be professional and business is always strictly business. We are all human and the better we know each other the better we work together. It’s interesting that also research supports this idea: there is plenty of research showing that the team effectiveness depends on how well the team members know each other.

That is why we created SmoothTeam. To be better humans to each other, humane humans. To be better teams.

Contact information

Visiting address: Pinninkatu 47 / Tribe Tampere, Tampere, Finland.
Mail address: Nekalantie 28, 33100 Tampere, Finland.

Aleksis Nokso-Koivisto, CEO
Collaboration requests, sales, founder

Jaakko Heikkilä
Analysis, technical matters, founder

Eija Lehtonen
International, sales, facilitation
+358 50 3889428

Tiina Iivonen
Sales, faciilitation

Minna Marttio