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Three scenarios for different situations

Glue your team together

This game helps in understanding your colleagues. Specifically, it makes visible team members’ preferences regarding different kinds of job tasks. Fits well for understanding social coherence and building of mutual understanding.

Learn to control change

The game brings out team members’ different ways of working in a situation where there is change. Who in your team is best for setting goals, who rolls up their sleeves and starts working, and who is the best at motivating others?

Stress factors

People react to stress factors and its components differently. Empower your team by a discussion on different types of stress factors and team members’ relationship with them.

 Winner of the BELT Bootcamp 2018

Recent experiences on SmoothTeam

We work partially remote, so people don’t know each other that well. In the game you learned surprising things about your colleagues, and shared quiet knowledge about each others’ strengths. Better than personality tests, since the observations are directly related to practical situations, and they are discussed in a positive way.

Tanja Korvenmaa, Osuuskunta Ehta Raha, Nov 2017

Very nice to hear and tell others, where they are good at. And you realise that everyone actually has a very important role in the team. This gives a permission to be critical and self-critical. Because it’s not so personal, when you think it through case situations.

Anonymous feedback, 2017

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